Turbochargers are crucial for the ship’s engine performance. Our company, Z-Mechanics, keeps up with the latest technology and techniques regarding turbochargers and is very reliable in the field. A turbocharger in perfect condition, improves the performance of an engine by forcing more air into its cylinders. During the process more fuel can be mixed with greater quantity of air, allowing more energy to be released, which produces higher power.

The growing demands for diesel engines with a higher performance have created the need for the high-quality services we provide through our high technical training and high-tech investments, respecting the environment.

Techniques such as Laser Cladding can make a former malfunctioning turbocharger work like brand new, in the most cost-efficient way.

Our production process contains



Laser Cladding

Laser Cladding is a method of depositing material by which a powdered or wire feedstock material is melted and consolidated by use of a laser in order to coat part of a substrate or fabricate a near-net shape part. It can be used for repairing high-cost components such as industrial turbine blades.


  • Best technique for coating any shape => increase life-time of wearing parts.
  • Particular dispositions for repairing parts (ideal if the mould of the part no longer exist or too long time needed for a new fabrication).
  • Most suited technique for graded material application.
  • Well adapted for near-net-shape manufacturing.
  • Low dilution between track and substrate (unlike other welding processes and strong metallurgical bond.
  • Low deformation of the substrate and small heat affected zone (HAZ).
  • High cooling rate => fine microstructure.
  • A lot of material flexibility (metal, ceramic, even polymer).
  • Built part is free of crack and porosity.
  • Compact technology.


CNC & Milling

Milling is one of the most important metal cutting processes. With an automatic 5- Axis Vertical Milling cutter, it is possible to implement the specifications that the customer wishes, such as the Repair / Treatment of Turbine Housing, Bearing Housing. In-Process and on-machine measurements are used to evaluate a variety of machining factors and conditions as well as the work done on the machine tool.

CNC lathe machine for the machining of the profile of turbine blades, compressor wheel / impeller blades.


Grinding machine

The only solution to achieve concentricity bearing seat (the correct surface quality) on plain bearing working positions.


Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning is the fastest and most efficient solution for turbocharger reconstructors because it removes cinders and burnt oils, regardless of the complexity of the turbocharger structure. It also allows cleaning many turbochargers in the same process, which improves quality and production times compared to traditional processes. In addition, it is the best technique for cleaning the turbocharger, environmentally speaking.


Dynamic Balancing

Vibration, as a result of unbalanced turbochargers, is the main issue when dealing with unbalanced turbochargers. It absorbs a great portion of the energy produced by the turbo, which is wasted because it does not contribute to the engine’s overall performance. Instead, vibration becomes the main source of premature failure in an engine and mechanical parts, such as bearings, bolts, and belt may be destroyed – in worst cases the turbo will make unacceptable noise during operation and fail within days.

Using parts which are not precisely manufactured to the specified flatness, tolerances or dimensions, can lead to an accumulation of component imbalance issues, again causing premature failure of the turbo.



In-Process and on-machine measurements are used to evaluate a variety of machining factors and conditions as well as the work done on the machine tool.


Quality Control

By choosing Z-Mechanics, quality is guaranteed, as, during the repair process, the spare parts are under industrial metrology and spectroscopy, so we use probes for machine tools and calibration systems.