Laser Cladding is a method of depositing material by which a powdered or wire feedstock material is melted and consolidated by use of a laser in order to coat part of a substrate or fabricate a near-net shape part. It can be used for repairing high-cost components such as industrial turbine blades.


•         Best technique for coating any shape => increase life-time of wearing parts.

•         Particular dispositions for repairing parts (ideal if the mould of the part no longer exist or too long time needed for a new fabrication).

•         Most suited technique for graded material application.

•         Well adapted for near-net-shape manufacturing.

•         Low dilution between track and substrate (unlike other welding processes and strong metallurgical bond.

•         Low deformation of the substrate and small heat affected zone (HAZ).

•         High cooling rate => fine microstructure.

•         A lot of material flexibility (metal, ceramic, even polymer).

•         Built part is free of crack and porosity.

•         Compact technology.

laser cladding