Laser Gladding
Replacement / Repair with laser and robotic arm for targeted and applied repair or weared positions.
Best technique for coating any shape ->Increases life-time of wearing parts.
Low Dillution
Low Deformation
Built part is free of crack and porosity.
The aftermath of unbalanced turbo is an overall decrease in engine performance, that may not be evident or significant, but at the end could be the main reason for potential major failure.
Gridding Machine : The only solution to achieve concentricity  bearing seat(the correct surface quality) on plain bearing working positions.
Milling is one of the most important metal cutting processes. With an automatic 5- Axis Vertical milling cutter, it is possible to implement the specifications that the customer wishes, such as the Repair / Treatment of Turbine Housing , Bearing Housing.
In-Process and on-machine measurements are used to evaluate a variety of machining factors and conditions as well as the work done on the machine tool.
CNC lathe machine for the machining of the profile of turbine blades, compressor wheel / impeller blades.
Ultrasonic cleaning is the fastest and most efficient solution for turbocharger, because it removes cinders and burnt oils regardless of the complexity of the Turbocharger structure.